Steps to get Cannabis Paste

Email us a short summary of what your health status is. Include your phone number. We will then contact you within 2 business days.

New Cure is 100% funded by donations. We provide Cannabis paste to those who have Epilepsy, Lyme and cancer and any illness that cannabis can help with. Also we cannot actually sell it sell it due to ignorant laws but give it away for free.



To contact New Cure please click here to contact us to get on the paste list or click the green Q & A box to your left.

Brad Morehouse
Founder of

In regards to cancer.
You need to also get on a super healthy green diet! Don't expect to survive by Cannabis only. Yes Cannabis Paste is amazing and can change ones life but you need to correct the heath problem. Why did you get Cancer? Here is a great article to to look at. Click Here
Watch theses videos HERE

70 known Cannabinoids (8 showing)