Steps to get Cannabis Paste

You must have a deadly illness before we give away Cannabis Paste for free.

New Cure gives away the paste for free. How fast you get the Paste depends on the donations coming in each day. Each time a donation comes in we take the next person on the "Paste list" and give them the Cannabis paste.The list sometimes goes fast and sometimes it takes a month to go through 30 people. If your illness is in a critical stage and you want the Cannabis paste right now, then we recommend the "Pass it forward" method. Please click HERE to read more on that.


Steps on getting the Free paste.

  1. Email us a short summary of what your health status is. Include your phone number. We will then email you asking you to call us at your soonest convenience.
  2. After we talk to you on the phone we will put your name on the "Paste List". 
  3. When your name is 2nd or 3rd in line (near the top of the list) we will email you or call you for your address and also get an update on your status.
  4. When your next we will contact you and give you the paste. Shipping is not a problem. Read HERE.



NewCure is 100% funded by donations and cannot guarantee speedy delivery of paste. Also we cannot sell it due to ignorant laws. Click HERE for an Emergency delivery option.

New Cure is doing something way out of the box and is a target. Because is rubbing against the tyranny of "Big Pharmaceutical" or the "Cancer Institution", we simply claim here that is NOT or will ever have legal rights to any medical information you provide to us. Anything you send to New Cure is completely voluntary and only uses it to establish the validity of the ill person as the Paste is very hard to produce and we do not want to give it away carelessly.

You are NOT or will ever become a patient. We do NOT give medical advise but simply provide Cannabis paste for free to those who need it.

All information is confidential and does not give away or sell any information about you to anyone.

Now that you have read the above please click here to contact us to get on the paste list or click the green Q & A box to your left.

Brad Morehouse
Founder of

You need to also get on a super healthy green diet! Dont expect to survive by Cannabis only.
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