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This article is for those who have been using our paste. Please be on the lookout for people who are out to destroy the purpose and goal of New Cure and that is to continue to help heal people with different illnesses and health issues through the use of cannabis paste. These scammers have been contacting us and ordering the paste from us just so they can plant their vendetta against us. These people are sly and are filled with lies.

We received news that there has been some fake documents that are going around on the internet claiming false information about our paste. These people are hardcore RSO (Rick Simpson’s Oil) fans. They are one tracked mind when it comes to the benefits of the cannabis plant. For them there is only one way to use it and that is through alcohol extraction of the plant to produce oil.

We at New Cure are not biased at all with using the oil. We know and have written about the danger and risks of making it but if the oil works for you then by all means continue using it. We understand that this bad rumors going around are a product of jealousy and greed. It’s obvious that these people are only after the profit that they get from selling the oil.

There’s no need for comparison between the two, paste and oil. I’ve read some articles how people benefit from using either one. Ever since we started making the paste we only have but encouraging and amazing testimonies from people that have used it. New Cure is here today because of the people that believed in it and can prove results that it was indeed beneficial to their health and have helped improved it. Please click here to see some of the testimonies of New Cure’s cannabis paste users.

If you see any of these false accusations or rumors on the internet, please do not fall in to their trap and believe their lies. If you need to know any in depth information about the paste please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please help spread the truth about our paste and send us your personal testimony with your experience with us. Click here to send your testimony.

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