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Paste v.s. Oil
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You must change your diet besides taking Cannabis Paste - Plus Vitamin B17

Cannabis Paste

Welcome to New Cure's Cannabis Paste.

New Cure is the creator of Cannabis Paste and is excited about the 3 major reasons why the "Paste" is so effective.

Producing Cannabis Paste instead of Cannabis oil is 1667% more efficient to make. When you make the "Paste" you get 32 months of supply from a pound of cannabis or 32 jars. But when making the RSO oil you only get 3 months supply or 2 oz of oil. There is NO reason to concentrate the medicine when our bodies can absorb the paste just the same.

When you concentrate cannabis to create an oil you throw the left over plant matter in the trash.
RSO is also flammable and dangerous to make.

Note: Making the paste, one can use many methods such as controlled temperatures and using Coconut,Olive Oil or Vegetable Glycerin. So my question to you is who in the world would ever make Cannabis oil? Maybe someone who wants to waste 1667% of their cannabis? Also News flash ...Florida cannabis law added the word "Paste" before the word Oil. New Cure made legislative history.

Anyone Over 21 Can Get Cannabis Paste CLICK HERE

Ironic how cannabis saves lives but oil explosions kill


New Cure petitions the cannabis industry to bring awareness to the dangers of the cannabis oil method. For the last 2 years the intent of New Cure is to freely show the world a safer way to make cannabis medicine by the means of cannabis paste.
For anyone who might not know about the explosions and injuries of the cannabis oil method simply Google marijuana explosions and you will find story after story. Keep in mind the majority of oil explosions and injuries have been kept under the table due to the fact that cannabis is ignorantly a schedule 1 drug and jail time has deterred stories of such nature to surface.
These cannabis oil methods generally use either butane, 190 proof alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, Naphtha and all kinds of flammable solvents. This method in short takes 1 pound of cannabis and a couple gallons of solvent mixed together and heated on a stove and cooked until the solvents have evaporated leaving a tar like cannabis oil. This method requires fans and a well ventilated space to prevent explosions and inhalation of toxic fumes.

25 Natural Ways To Kill Cancer

The below are some of the best ways to beat cancer. They are NOT listed by priority.

1.   Gerson therapy, juicing or vegan diet - Add Chlorophyll
2.   The Budwig Protocol
3.   Intravenous vitamin C
4.   Immunotherapy
5.   High grade Multi Vitamin with D3 - CoQ10 plus Selenium
6.   Probiotic foods and supplements (“Good Bacteria”)
7.   Sunshine. Funeral homes busiest month is January.
8.   Cannabis Paste. Cannabinoids turn off cancer cells.
9.   Oxygen Therapy, Hyperbaric Chamber - Ozone treatment
10. Exercise - Oxygen kills cancer. Exercise creates Oxygen.
11. Have the will to live - Prayer, believe, faith. Positive books. Surround yourself with positive people. Not hospice!
12. Vitamin B17 - (Small doses) Laetrile click here
13. Energetic supplements
14. Light therapy - photodynamic
15. Detox - Antioxidants- Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ - Detox Clay - ionic foot detox and Essiac Tea Blend
16. Enzymes for Cancer: Low Enzymes levels are always seen In Cancer - Candida is a red flag!
17. Carnivora - phytonutrient extract
18. Dichloroacetate (DCA) – Sodium Dichloroacetate
19. Alkaline Diet- Low pH causes Fungus, Candida and Cancer. Cesium Chloride/DMSO (high pH therapy)
20. Alkaline Water - 7.0 or higher is a must! Do a Tap Water pH Test. Often homes test under 5.2 pH. 
21. P.E.M.F. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy
22. Electromagnetic therapy - Infrared saunas- Far infrared therapy - Sound therapy - Bio waves - MAS Special Multi+
23. Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy
24. Acupuncture
25. Herbs that kill off cancer - Lei Gong Teng, Turmeric, Artemisinin, Cinnamon, Ginger, Mistletoe Extracts, Cayenne Pepper, Rosemary Extract, Holy basil, Garlic, PAU D´ARCO, Frankincense, Wheat Grass, Milk thistle, Chaparral, Astragalus, Blood Root, Cannabis, Aromatherapy and Essential Oils. Note: If possible don't take (not critical) Turmeric or Cumin with Cannabis Paste at the same time as they both compete for the CB1/CB2 receptors. Drink Green Tea to clear receptors.

70 known Cannabinoids (8 showing)